Making Airwaves: Aoife on Clare FM

Aoife was interviewed by Pat Flynn on Clare FM as part of their Clare Women in Business weekly series earlier this month (May 2024). 

For 26 weeks, Clare FM is hosting the ‘Clare Women in Business’ program, featuring interviews with women actively involved in the business community of County Clare. The guests openly share their personal stories, impart insightful wisdom, and offer strategies for overcoming hurdles along their path to success.

The program aims to celebrate the achievements of women who have made an impact in various sectors of the business world, highlighting their resilience, determination, and accomplishments. By doing so, it shines a light on the valuable contributions women make to County Clare’s economy and society.

Recorded in the garden of our home/studio, Aoife and Pat spoke about Aoife's career, from her early career motivations to her time completing a PhD at the University of Limerick. We also spoke about the challenges of making the leap to self-employment from being an employee, and Aoife's dual work as Co-founder of SIAR Photography and as a Marketing Consultant/Lecturer and Business Mentor. Thanks to Pat for his thought-provoking questions and for making a new, outside of the comfort zone experience easy! 

Aoife's interview (length: 15 mins) is available to listen at: 

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